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Jose Peñalosa at St Mary's Food Bank

Jose Peñalosa at St Mary’s Food Bank

Jose Peñalosa’s appreciation for the opportunities life in the USA brings is due to his upbringing in a family of accomplished and dedicated Mexican American immigrants.

His sense of duty comes from his hardworking parents. Jose’s father immigrated from Mexico City, Mexico, and thereafter became a U.S. citizen.  He learned English and enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. He served several tours in Vietnam as an infantryman and a combat photographer for his newly adopted country.  He eventually retired from the USMC after having served over twenty years.

Due to his father’s commitment to the U.S. Marines, Jose Peñalosa spent his youth living with his family in military bases in Hawaii, California, Kansas, and South Carolina.  From his mother, Jose inherited the commitment to excellence, hard work and integrity.

Jose attended public schools, and after graduating from high school, he attended a local community college and worked part-time as a landscaper.   After receiving his Associates Of Arts degree, Jose entered UCLA where he received a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in political science.  While a student at UCLA, Jose worked part-time as a cafeteria worker, and later as a clerk at the UCLA Guest House.   During school breaks, Jose continued to work as a landscaper to help support and pay for his studies.

After graduating from UCLA, Jose attended the Arizona State University College of Law located in Tempe, Arizona.  He graduated from the ASU College of Law in May, 1989.  Jose then chose to practice immigration law to help others achieve the American Dream.

Friendly House, a nonprofit social service agency, was his first employer as an immigration attorney where he presented immigration law seminars, hosted naturalization ceremonies, and represented thousands of clients before the Phoenix, Arizona Immigration Court and the then Immigration & Naturalization Service.

Since 1993, Jose has successfully maintained his private law practice as an immigration attorney in Phoenix.  With more than twenty (20) years of  professional experience, Jose has legally immigrated and helped thousands of persons to become U.S. citizens.

Jose is member of the State Bar of Arizona, Colorado, the U.S. Federal District Court of Arizona, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

Lawyer Jose Peñalosa serves as a volunteer lawyer with Mi Familia Vota, Projecto Nehemias, Maya Chapin, and the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition (ADAC).  He frequently provides legal and political analysis regarding immigration law on local and national radio and television programs.

Attorney Peñalosa is a graduate of Valle Del Sol’s Hispanic Leadership Institute, Scottsdale Leadership, a local citizen’s police academy, and he is a current class member of Valley Leadership.

He is married to Nora, an immigrant from Mexico, and they have 3 daughters.